Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/27/2012: Victory and The Ego

10/27/2012 Saturday:

We fight. We win. We move into a new stage of battle. The war is never over. The Ego is constantly at work trying to advise us that we are not good enough.That we should turn around and go home. To start over, when really we have all the power we need to push forward. There will always be an obstacle on our path, but we must learn to accept it as a blessing. The Ego hides within our spirit in small holes. It waits. It plots and plans to thwart our next move. It tries with all its might to show up in different shapes and forms. It arrives in our life as people that are familiar. In places that we call home. We listen to our Ego and it gets us no where. We stand in one spot as the scenery changes. We carry our baggage into the next phase of our life when we should let it go.

Victory is short lived. We cheer with excitement and we may think that we have won the war, but the Ego sits silent in the background, laughing with joy at us because it got the best of us for a moment.
Do you ever state that something is going to happen, something bad, and when it takes place you state " I knew it would take place!"?
Do you ever get mad at yourself for making the same mistakes or realizing that the victory of one war simply leads into the battle of the next one?

This is your Ego. The battle is not with the environment you live in, but the fact that you are not allowing the flow of energy to take place. That you are wanting to stay stuck in one spot, because you are afraid to move forward. How do you break this cycle?
With this statement "It is your right to take a step forward. It is your right to make a choice. All your choices will lead to positive things."
What are you afraid of?
That you will get exactly what is wanted? That you will be healed? That everything will work out in your favor?
Funny, I would be just as scared if I knew that I would get everything I wanted and be happy.
Wouldn't you?

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