Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/28/2012: Dark Path and The Vessel

10/28/2012 Sunday:

Our path can sometimes seem restricted. It can sometimes seem dark and gloomy. There may be treacherous things that await us. Some may relate this to the Wolf and Little Red Riding hood. Others relate this story to Hansel and Gretel. They all enter the woods at some point in time. They all must face a danger much greater than them, or so they think it is greater than their inner strength.

What happens at the end of the story?
The characters learn that they are much smarter than the evil that is set before them. They can out trick and out smart it. The Witch eventually gets pushed into the oven, and the Wolf get chopped up by the woodsman. What really  happens after that?
Do the characters just stop living? Does the adventure end?
I see everything on our path like a history book. We write down what has happened. We give a date to it. We read it over and think that we shall surely change our path next time, but do we really change?
The path may be different but are your choices different? Our adventures are all recycled and put back in a different spot. Painted over and buffed up, so that they will shine and glimmer. We will want to make the same decisions and choices as before because we surely think that this new item and experience will lead to someplace different. Funny, it eventually leads you back to the beginning. Back to the start of a new year. Maybe you should start looking at the signs from Source that are around you. The landmarks you have been putting on your path are not working anymore and frankly the compass you contain within you is not set on Divine path, it is set on the path of desire.

What character will you be today? The character and archetype are simply vessels that the energy is carried in. Our body is simply a vessel. It holds and stores our love and truth.

Your path will contain doom and gloom, but with a little bit of Divine intervention you will come out okay. With a little bit of guidance you will eventually find out that you are much smarter than the Big Bad Wolf.

Blessed Be.

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