Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/1/2012: Movement and Inner Strength

11/1/2012 Thursday:

Dear Brittany, 

It was very nice to see you last night at Mom's house. Did you feel the magic last night within the air?

I could smell spells and charms all around. It was blowing in the wind. Kinda smells like the first few seconds before rain falls. That humid cold smell within the air. That is what magic feels like to me. The energy will be of this way today. 
It will seem as if everything you wanted is now coming into your existence. It will happen fast. Do not worry. Do not get upset. Do not get scared, for you were born to move forward. Allow it to take place. Stand your ground at times and know that you are strong. Remember you do not have to be physically strong, but spiritually strong. A person who shines brighter than others is a strong person, for they can move and channel light in their environment. 

Casting a spell takes a lot of energy and intent. The power behind it can aid it or also snuff it out. A spell can be broken mid way. Others have influence over the spell, because they have influence over our thoughts. There is no one stopping you from moving forward, but you. You are the wall and also you are the answer. You are the locked door, as well as you are the key to open it. 

Do not worry about the details at this time. Only focus on the task at hand. It will all work out in the end. Source would not have lead you this wonderful experience if you did not need it. Move through the change and dive into the sea of experience. You will find that you can breathe under water. Faith gives you the tools to adapt to your environment.

The feeling of drowning in the sea of spirituality, is your fear of dying. We all die a little everyday, so why is this death significant?
Allow transformation to take place. Allow it to push you in the direction of your Divine path. 

Blessed Be. 

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