Friday, November 2, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/2/2012: Solitude and The Teacher

11/2/2012 Friday:

The path we choose to walk may seem empty, or rather we may feel as if we are alone with our new found information. The light is shinning on everything we come in contact with, but sometimes the item or people do not want to see the light. 

We bring them Truth, and they flee from our sight. They rush home, lock the door, and hide underneath the bed. Then again you may get a person who is so angry that the Truth you contain is viewed as a threat. 

A threat. 

Have you ever noticed that when people are threatened they either flight or fight? 
They decide to close their spirits off from perfect union and perfect love. 
Their heart becomes twisted with disbelief and in the process of this anger, they decide to eliminate all light from their solar system. What if you were the Sun and everything else around you were planets and satellites, drifting in and out of your existence. Some people, places, and things are as constant as the planets in orbit, and others are as fleeting as the comets that burn bright for such few minutes of their life. 

One thing is for sure. When you are the Sun you have two decisions, to either burn bright and allow others to bathe in your light, or to diminish in size and eventually collapse into nothingness, taking everything you have created with you, into the deep darkness of a black hole. 

Some say there is no light within the black hole. That nothing can exist. I think that in order for there to be nothing, something has to exist. There still has to be darkness. Is that not something. Sometimes we have to be like the black hole and exist to not exist. In the end we are reborn on some alternate plane of existence, and we as the sun, will shine once more. 

Blessed Be. 

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