Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/4/2012: Heart Chakra and Universal Laws

11/4/2012 Sunday:

Are you really ready for love?
The Heart Chakra speaks of this love inside all of us. The Universal thought and the intention of our life can lead us to a great destination, if you only believe and have heart. 

To have heart.

What do you think they meant when they stated this to someone? Do you think they left it up to the person to interpret?

I think that in the old days, there was a sense of knowledge floating around, and to state this to someone, meant that they needed to put all their effort into their action. To have heart, now a days, means that you really need to stop giving others your energy, muster up all the spiritual strength you have, and leap into the unknown. 
You have heart when you show people your state of compassion. How you care for those around you. How you speak to the person driving the car in front of you. 

To breathe through your Heart Chakra means that you really need to let go of all the past pain, hurt, and sorrow. You must let Source kiss the boo-boos on your hands and knees, get the fuck up, shut your damn mouth, and keep on walking. 

The Universe does not stop for you when you wish to whine and shout. It does not state: 

"Oh man they are really mad with the outcome, and even though they brought it upon their self, they wish to scream and shout at the Law that simply listened and created."

The Universe looks within us, shrugs its shoulders, and keeps on creating. 
So why are you complaining? You got exactly what you wanted. You had a desire, you stated it, the Law heard the desire, and manifested it in your life. I am going to relate this to an experience in my life. I would always state to Source that I want someone to love and care for. To do wonderful things for and in the end feel satisfied.

Well, Source listened and in turn brought me people who I cared for (but never gave the same amount of care back to me), to do wonderful things for (meaning I did all the work in the relationship), and feel satisfied (which meant I would sit with a box of chocolates and eat my emotions away). 

Then I got smart. The light was thrown on me and I started to realize that I was worth more than I thought I was. I stated to Source that I am worthy of a great relationship with a wonderful man who is in love with me, gives as much love to me as I give to him, and that takes care of me as much as I take care of him. 
I decided that I love myself and that I am worthy of my own love in this world. 
Don't you think that you are also worthy of this great love?
Is it time to shine and be loved just as much, if not more, as you love someone else? 
I think so. 

Blessed Be. 

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