Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/6/2012: Standing your Ground and Transformation

11/6/2012 Tuesday:

The process of change is not for everyone. There will be those who wish for change to happen on a constant basis, which it does, and then there are those who wish change would never happen, which it doesn't. Did you know that you change everyday, with the choices you make and the preference you decide on? You change the course of action when you decide to step to the right rather than the left. 

The change is never bad. It is always for the better. 
I know that people do not like to hear that things happen for good. They would rather blame the circumstances on the actions of other people. 

Standing your ground can take a lot of power and force out of your spiritual body. You decide on a path and you are going to take it, whether someone tells you that you can, or can not. No one is stopping you from passing GO. You will collect $200 dollars at the end of your turn, but it may come in different forms, rather than paper money. I would certainly stand my ground on what I believe in, and the course of action I am taking, even if it meant only receiving $200 dollars worth of hugs and kisses. Acceptance of the person that I am, by me, is well worth the struggle. It is well worth the defeat. It is well worth the fall. 

We never really cease to exist. We can not. Even if people state that after we die, there is nothing else, for in thinking that there is nothing, something has to be acknowledge and then dismissed. 

Blessed Be. 

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