Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/7/2012: New Beginning and Balance

11/7/2012 Wednesday:

We start at the beginning. Everything moves in motion with our action. We live to be alive.

You must make that first step into the unknown with hope and love.
Your first step is the scariest. You will most certainly hurt the most during the transition. This is where you decide that life is much more important than death.

The time of balance must take place. Temperance advises us that we must move forward and in doing so we find healing.

Water can be a healing agent. Actually all the elements are healing agents. We find many spells that use Earth, Air, Water, and Fire as a method to heal what ails you. In Gypsy lore we find that they use Earth magic to heal disease and sickness, for it is the closest thing associated to our body. Earth is the last method of manifestation. It is associated with the suit of Coins because it is of touch and material nature.

We start at the beginning.

The direction you decide to take is only one aspect of your life. You will be faced with many more "New Beginnings".
You will be faced with love.
Movement is your best friend. Action is your best friend.
I know that sometimes I advise you that when you are lost within the woods, to stay in one spot, so that they can find you. What if "they" is "you"?

Have you ever lost yourself?
I have. In the process I have also found myself. I have found my power. My ability to move forward and in doing so, I have found out just how strong I am. I have taken my first step into the unknown. Have you?

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