Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/20/2012: Spiritual Union and Destiny

12/20/2012 Thursday:

The wheel turns and time moves with it. Where is your time being spent? Like money to purchase seconds, hours, minutes, days. Where is your love spent?

Destiny can be like this method of purchase. Destiny is like the steady paycheck you receive every two weeks from your job. It is there. The moment must take place, but sometimes we get lazy and do not pay attention to the small detail called a paycheck. We assume that it will take place every Friday. Like a dinner special that can only be purchased on certain days. It is coming around the corner, and since we are creatures of habit, we expect it to take place.

What if the diner closed down?

What if Destiny changed its course of action?

What then?

Well, you have to move with the flow of energy. You must understand that you have to connect to those around you. They are there for a reason. The reason can either be positive or negative, but you choose the final outcome. I am going to relate this to people as well. Relationships are put into our environment because we choose to allow them to be there. Let us say that there is an issue with someone within your life. You are tired of having the same old person bother you, and you choose not to mention anything, because you may hurt their feelings. You have two options: to either state something to them, or shut the fuck up and sit down. You are allowing it to take place. You are making it so.

You may state to me that it is very hard and you love them. Well you can love them from afar. Also you must allow them to grow in their own way and manner. If they are hurting you, then you have only yourself to blame.

Here is where you are probably stating to me that even Jesus loved those who did wrong. Yes, I will agree with you, but Jesus did not put up with people and their shit. He did not let them hurt him, nor did he stand there with them as they sinned. Are you standing there with them as they are sinning? Sinning all over you. Kinda like being crapped on. Do you like it when people take a huge dump on you and then tell you deal with it?
I do not.

I am not stating that you have to be mean to them. I am saying that you need to have a little more respect for yourself and that if you choose to take care of you, and love you, then in turn you will show them just how wonderful they are as well.

Believe me, it is not an easy road to walk, but you are a grown person, and you have the capacity to take care of yourself.

Blessed Be.

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