Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/19/2012: Regret and Shadow

12/19/2012 Wednesday:


What are you turning away from?
The Five of Coins usually talks about how we sometimes do not want to see the truth of things. That we turn away from everything within our grasp. How sanctuary is only a few steps away, but it is not what we expected. What do you expect?

Remember that Expectations lead to disappointment, because they can never be fulfilled. Walk in the light and let Source take control, and you will find exactly what is needed within your life. Open yourself up to the good within your life and you will receive good. Sometimes we must turn the other cheek, when others around us hurt our feelings, and then sometimes we have to really let it go, and not forget what has taken place. For that experience has taught you a valuable lesson. You are worthy of so much more in life.

A shadow side of a card can mean that you must watch out for small incidents that change and re-arrange us for the better. Shadow is the opposite side of a certain aspect, that sometimes is needed, in order to balance out the light side. How will we ever make it through the dark forest? By becoming the light.

You are the map. The tools are within you at this very moment. Now use them.

Blessed Be.

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