Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/6/2012: Seeking and Balance

12/6/2012 Thursday:

When the day is over, we tend to forget the good that has happened in our life, and only worry about the consiquences of the bad actions.

When we seek to know our truth, our life, our inheritance of good, we choose to look in some of the craziest spots in this world, for completeness. What are you looking for?
Where have you been looking?

A lot of times, the balance in our life is found right where you are standing. In the middle of things. Right under your feet. You know when the card Temperance shows up in a reading, I usually advise the person in front of me, that they should take up things that relax and soothe their spirit, for a healing can not take place if they are constantly in a tizzy.

What whirlwind are you currently stuck in?

Do you ever feel like the answer is simply hidden under a rock, but there are so many rocks in front of your path, that you do not know where to begin. I always advise myself, when faced with an issue, to breathe and start at the beginning. Nine times out of ten, the issue eventually clears itself up and things get done. When your focus is not on the goal, but the act of doing, then you receive beneficial tools and tricks from Source.
What if you decided to let Source lead you to the perfect rock? What if the answer was under a rock, but it did not matter which rock you picked up, for every rock contained the answer. What would your life be like then?
Would you still worry about what could take place?

Blessed Be.

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