Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/5/2012: New Skill and Death

12/5/2012 Wednesday:

Well, when people give you a new job, or offer you a wonderful opportunity, then you will have to leave one stage of your life and enter into a new one. Do you ever feel like you want to stay stuck in one spot?

Maybe you are too afraid of moving forward because of what may happen next. What if I advised you that you have to die a little in order to receive something new. Would you believe me?

Most people within their life will apply all their effort and energy in to creating what is already known and present. What if standing still was already known and present? Do you want more of it?
Of course not.

We were born to move in a circle, ebbing and flowing, round and round, until we understand how to let go. How to let go of that which holds us down. You know, sometimes the person holding us down, is us.

When I first set out on my journey into the great unknown, I was afraid. I would tell myself that I could not do it. That surely I had to suffer, in order to understand just how wonderful I really was. That I had to struggle in order to appreciate what was being given. Everyone wants their story.

You know the story I am talking about, how someone has struggled and walked so far, challenged all obstacles, and overcame so much, in order to get to their destination. They want other people to listen and sympathize or state that the story teller is a great person for overcoming so much. My story does not contain mountains of terror, obstacles of destruction, and mazes of peril.  It simply is about how I took a step forward. That is it. My story is about the first step.

When will you take your first step, from the old skin you lived in, to the new one waiting for you?

Blessed Be.

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