Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/8/2012: Creativity and Destruction

12/8/2012 Saturday:

Simple acts of kindness filled the day. Creativity can not be produced without the act of destruction. Destruction can not be implemented without the push of creativity. It may happen without knowledge, but it still exists as a sister to each other.

I did not write on this day, because I was not feeling the inspiration to create. I waited, as instructed by my spirit guide, for the inspiration to write what I feel and know.

I waited until Sunday.

Are you listening to your spirit when it gives you advise?

Sometimes creativity will lay asleep within your spirit for a while, but eventually it will need to be produced. Sometimes destruction lays asleep within our hands, but it will eventually need to be harnessed, in order to create something new.

Blessed Be.

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