Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/9/2012: Victory and Hope

12/9/2012 Sunday:

The obstacles that are set before us are small in manner. Victory is desired. What are we really fighting for?

If you think that you have to struggle, in order to deserve, then you are mistaken. The only struggle is with your Ego. Victory is always at hand. It is always within your environment and you are able to receive it, but you must be willing to accept the nature of the Victory. Sometimes it is presented in a package that is appealing and other times it is presented in a fashion that is not appealing. What happens when it is not appealing?

Do you still look to the Star for Hope?

It sits in the sky as a constant within our life. Do you look up when in danger, or do you look down, with subtle regret?

As I meditate on the cards today, I am being advised that victory is constantly there in front of us, we just have to recognize it.

Do you recognize your victory?

It is not in plain sight. It is within you. Sitting there within your spirit, ready to be seen and heard.
Do you hear the cry of Victory?

It is your voice.

Do you see your Hope or Belief that has carried you this far. I can only relate these things to love.

Love is the greatest treasure in the world. It is not money nor wealth. Love is abundance.
Love is not frayed at the ends nor broken. It is eternal and whole. Who's love do you seek?
I do hope it is your own, for there is not greater power in the world, than finding your own love. Acceptance of who you are within your spirit.
Acceptance of what you can be. For you can be great. You are great. Has anyone ever told you that?

I just did. How did it feel?
Sometimes we place our hope on words that may never enter into our life, for they linger on someone Else's tongue. You may never hear it, so why do you seek it?

The truth lingers on your tongue. Are you ready to speak?

Blessed Be.

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