Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.31.13: Moonlight

Sunday 3.31.13:

Forgiveness in the sunlight is simple. You look at the issue and the answer is revealed. You look at an issue in the moonlight and it takes on a different form and shape. The shadow is more abundant than the light and we become confused. The laws of the universe are clear. You ask, you set an intent, you give this fragile dream the time and energy that is needed, and you receive. Well, it sounds easier than what is described, or so I have been told.

Sometimes we forget the steps. We tend to plant moon flowers that bloom once a month. We plant weeds in the garden.

The law states that we have to tend to the weeds in order to let the flowers bloom. Also the law states that for every winter, there is a spring. Kelly Catrone states that the seasons may not happen in order, you may get two winters and a fall, but eventually you get a summer.

The card sits in the position of the Bee. We must forgive that which we have no control over. We simply must forgive.

Today is Easter. A new day. A new path. Now accept it. The bone collector is moving out of our environment and tomorrow will take on a new source of energy.

Blessed Be

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