Monday, April 1, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.1.13: Wishing Well

Monday 4.1.13:

Dreams and aspirations are two abilities that can leave you feeling lost on your journey of love and light. You reach for the sweetest fruit on the highest branch, but your arms are not long enough. Do you find yourself giving up on the process of life?

There must always be a price attached to that which is desired. There must always be a sacrifice. The sacrifice can be small or big. One must let go of that which is familiar in order to move forward. What is desired, is not out of reach, if you simply let go of that which you are holding on to. When you are climbing a mountain, you must learn to let go of one piece of it, to move to the next step. It may take you years. It may take you minutes, but the key is learning to let go. 

Faith has many faces. Shadow sides that can sometimes pull us out of the crap that we are sitting in. What is your dream?

We will be focusing on our dreams this whole week. What do you wish for?

Some may throw a penny into the well, because they think that it is such a small prayer to have answered. Others throw dollar bills into the well, in hopes that if they dump more than others, surely it will be answered first. 

Regardless of the amount, the prayers are still answered. No line forms. No waiting. They drift up to Source at the speed of love. We are the ones who snuff it out, by focusing on the lack of what is wanted. 

Source will step in and give us what is needed. What we must have at this very moment. No lies. No heartache. No suffering. 

I goofed yesterday, and put the card of Justice with the wrong numerology number. Oops. Well, then you get an extra dosage of this hidden energy card. Justice is Karmic Law. Universal Law. Human Laws. 
The unseen in balance with the known. 

That which you put out, comes back to you. What are you throwing out into the Universe. Negative response and creation, or positive thought and intent?

If you desire Peace, then be that peace. If you desire Love, then be that Love. If you desire Prosperity, then be that Prosperity. 

Sometimes we leave fate in the hands of other people. We leave the things to be worked on, in their frame of thought and process. It may be at the bottom of the list. It may be at the top. One must be content with both. 

We can change our destiny. We can change our fate. We must take back our power of love. Our energy. Our ability to be great and wonderful. To be happy. 

This week is about our dreams and the potential to create such greatness. Your greatness. 

Blessed Be.  

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