Monday, March 18, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.18.13: One Ring Circus

Monday 3.18.13:

Do you ever feel like you are doing everything, for everyone?
The card that was picked for this day is #15 One Ring Circus.
Sometimes we have to wear many hats, within our life, in order to get the job done.
That is why most Tarot Readers relate the Court Cards to personality and astrological types, in order to pin point a person or certain energy that is being presented in the Quarent's life.
We are all the Queen of Wands at some point and at times we are also a child, like the Page of Cups. We move from one phase of characteristic to the next within moments of our day. At work we may be the Manager or a Shaman at home. We can be the Trapeze artist or the Bearded lady. Sometimes we even become the Animals within the Circus, in order to understand our primal needs and actions.

Are you being the Ass of the Circus or the Great Lion? Is pride getting the best of you?

I know at times I have to be the Ring Master, Sooth Sayer, and Clean up crew, all in one day, and frankly it is not fun. To switch between the many facets of our energy can leave you confused and dazed. But to master the change and slight of hand with costume switches, is an art in itself. Sometimes you have to be as sly as the fox and also become the misleading wolf wearing the sheep's clothing.

The show must go on, even if you fumble and get the performance wrong, and in turn people will enjoy the fact that you keep on pushing forward. Heck, maybe they will not even notice that you made a mistake. They do not know the game plan within your life. They only know what you state to them, and if you were to go out of order within a shows performance, then they are non the wiser. They will still be dazzled by the glitter you throw in the air from one hand, and the fire that shoots from the other.

Do not let small mistakes and mishaps get you down. You still wear the ring master hat and can change from one character to the next without notice.

This card sits in the position of Turtle/Earth. This card sets the mood for the week. You will have to deal with many obstacles and lessons during the week and in turn you must return to what you know best; the art of being you.

All the hats sit within your grasp, it is time to pick one up and put on a show. The order of the performance does not matter for you are really only there to amuse one person....your inner child. In turn, that inner child, will clap for any and every performance you put on. Even if it is you simply staring back in silence for a few seconds.

Blessed Be.

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