Friday, March 22, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.22.13: Bone Collector

Friday 3.22.13:

The Bone Collector sits in the position of the Lizard. It represents dreams, our strengths, and weakness of things before us. 

Time for a change of costume and hat. Time for a change of who we are, and who we will become. 

What hat are you going to wear at this point in time?

Sometimes the memories that haunt us during the day can also enter into our dreams and cause a form of destruction. The Bone Collector has a wonderful gift that takes all the past memories, from before, and transmutes them into a lesson that is to be learned. Without her knowledge of Bone interpretation, then it would simply look like an elephant graveyard, turned evil. The bone collector sits with knowledge and wisdom at her side. 

What strength are you trying to remember and what weakness are you trying to forget? 

The dreams that really scare me, are the ones that reveal to us where our next step should be placed. The vision that tells us where to go on our path. 
Primitive measures of human emotion and response can lead us to the path of the Bone Collector. Ways of magic that call for blood and spit. Incantation in Angelic speech. Some forms of magic need to be of a primitive nature, in order to create the energy that is needed to move forward. I associate the Bone Collector to this aspect of magic. Sympathetic magic. 

The sister card that sits diagonal from this card is Healing the Ouch. We saw this on Tuesday. The Bone Collector is related to the transformation of our pain and suffering, into a lesson that heals us. Kind of like going through the bad, in order to see the good, at the end of the rainbow. 

One form leads into the other. One statement leads into the next. Even now I sit and ask my spirit guide for assistance. My mind is not finding any information to give into this world, regarding the nature of this energy. 

What can I relate this to? What speaks out to me, regarding the bones that we throw out on the ground, in order to understand?
Understand what?

Bones were used to carve things on. Runes were sometimes carved onto a bone and that was used as a talisman. Also Chicken bones made into a cross are used to keep evil away. What evil are you trying to deflect?

It hit me this morning, that I have not been applying the numerical number associated with the date, and in turn relating it to a Tarot Card. So many possibilities for information, that I simply had to take a day and really think. Riding the wave on to the shore of our life, is very scary, for you will think the worst. The worst shall surely take place, and when it does, we jump up in frustration, and shake our fist at Source, asking why it has happened. 

The hidden energy card associated with the Bone Collector is #13 Death. Funny, bones...death...bone collector.

Shall we look at her with new eyes? Death is a hat that we must put on. One act of death leads into a new life, a new hat, a new characteristic, that we must take on. Death of a Control Freak that leads into the birth of a Surfer?

What hat are you going to put to rest?

We have to get rid of things, in order to receive. I always state to Brian, that we must be kind to the Earth, and not follow the path of the Hoarder, by purchasing things and eliminating something within our environment. I always advise him that when I start to look at something to purchase, I must really think and see if I need it. If I state that I do need it, then I start to think about what can I give away? What can it replace? What is taking up space in my life?

The task of letting go is part of Death. The task of taking on something new is part of Birth. From one existence to the next, we must release what has held us back on one plane, and move into the next, with a clean slate. 

That is why we have trouble with our new existence, with our state of change. One must let go of the old and be born into the new. One must remember only the lesson that was learned and not repeat what has already taken place. 

The Bone Collector can go by many names; Tarot Reader, Psychic, Shaman, Medium, Elder. She is the gate keeper of that which was lost, found, and experienced. She is the Story teller of the group. She is the end of one adventure and the beginning of another. 

Blessed Be. 

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