Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.23.13: Sacred Pool

Saturday 3.23.13:

I will admit that this card was leaving me in a state of confusion. Sacred Pool. What could that mean in the spiritual world? 
I frankly do not like to look up the cards in the little book provided, because I want to connect to the card spiritually and mentally before referring to what it could mean by the author. I have been using oracle cards and Tarot cards for over 13 years and frankly, when pulling information from the spiritual plane, there really is no book of instructions, on what symbols and signs mean. 

The card sits in the position of Hummingbird and Energy. 
Temperance is the hidden energy card and the sister card, in the spread, is Balancing Act. 
One would think that there would be an abundance of information to gather from all of the items listed above. Sometimes a mystic gets stumped. Sometimes a psychic gets their wires crossed. 

The card Temperance contains a pool of water that the Angel Gabriel is stepping one foot into. Keeping part of himself connected to Source, while keeping another foot on dry land, representing the physical world. Symbols come to me in dreams, visions, and spirits. The act of healing needs a catalyst. Something to keep your attention focused or distracted, in order for the healing to take effect. 

A spoon full of sugar...

Some state that temperance is associated with Art. The healing methods of color and beauty from the perspective of the artist. 

In the movie "The Hours", the artist dies, causing a ripple of events to take place, which bring understanding, and appreciation for life. 
We experienced death the other day. 
What was taken from your existence? What did you lay to rest?

The author Virginia Wolf states in the movie that someone must die. The artist must die in order to bring everything together. 
What character in your life are you trying to kill off? 

We take on many forms and characters, and in the end, we turn from one to the other. Time repeats itself, no matter how hard you want to argue that point, it really does. We see what happened before, take place in the future. The Zodiac signs are constant within the development of this life. We take on different forms, different god names, different aspects of who we are, were, and going to be. 

Do you think a Zombie is a character in your life?

The energy must take on a new form and with it transmute the pain we feel into peace of mind. 

Blessed Be. 

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