Friday, March 29, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.29.13: Details, Details

Friday 3.29.13: 

I can see when others decide to read my entries for a little inspiration and then there are times when they do not need the inspiration to move forward. Do you think they move backwards and relate to the entries that speak to them, even if it was posted a year ago? 

The belief that everything is happening at this very moment, can be related to the entries of my Blog. I could simply choose one entry each day and repeat it. Would that person find some sort of inspiration, or sign, that would speak to them, and propel them forward?
I would think so. 

I write to simply write. To speak to at least one person within my environment. To advise them of the symbol and signs that overlay upon each other. To shuffle the cards and receive information from Source. To go beyond what is reality and travel into the great library where the akashic records are kept. To open the book of life and read. 

Inspiration can be found within our dreams. Dreams take place at night, during the day, and mid afternoon. We dream when we are awake. We dream when we meditate. 
Some state that we are dreaming right now, creating what is before us, known as an illusion. For we are asleep at the wheel of life, when we decide to simply let things take place. When we decide to not do something, that will benefit us in the long run. 

Pay attention to what you are doing. Pay attention to that which you want. If you wish to create, then create. If you wish to become, then change and exist. 

I also wish to give up on certain things. To not relate to the cards at certain times. To not pick up energy that is around me. 
Sometimes this Mystic gets really tired and then there are times when I wish to expand my own belief system. To learn so much, that I glow with enlightenment. 
Keep your eye on what is wanted, what is needed, and in turn let everything else take shape and form. I always state to Brian that we must think of what is wanted and the rest is Details. The experience is simply a detail. 

This card speaks to me about the details of our life. When we get upset and think about past experiences that have happened. It is simply a detail that has taken place. We can choose to stay stuck on what has happened or move forward. 
Shrug your shoulders, give the issue light, or let your soul be bound to that one experience. It will suck you dry of vital energy. 

It is time to wake up!
The hidden energy card is Judgement. This is about waking up from the sleep we have been under. It is a new day!
The trumpets are blowing, can you hear them?

I had about three dreams last night. A lot of them involved people I love and care for back in California. I stated that I was going to pay attention to my dreams, and in turn I received many. What do they mean?
I can sit and analyze them or send it light and keep on moving. Keep on singing. 
Keep on dancing...

Blessed Be. 

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