Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.27.13: Unexpected Visitors

Thursday 3.27.13:

Unexpected Visitors Card falls in the position of the Crow/Spirit. This is the vital energy that is needed. The magic that we keep secret, in order to create what is needed. The visitor is Source. The visitor is our memory of what has happened before. The visitor is the goblin that sits in the corner, waiting for the exact moment, to get you. To watch you slip and then laugh at the incident.

Memories of what we use to do during our High School days. Falling in love. The crush on the local jock. The nerd down the street.

Sometimes I think about all the small things I use to do, such as act like a little school girl, when the guy I had a crush on, would talk to me. In High School I only wanted to be loved. To be noticed.
I simply wanted to love as much as others could love. I did not know what my light bringer gift was. I was a complete giver and some would take it to heart. Also I now know that if others do not accept the love that Light Bringer's have to give, then that is their problem. We are simply trying to exist and make the world a livable place.

I laugh, even now, about how everything has worked out in my favor. I was a collector of sort, a bone collector, gathering information about the perfect guy, that is within my life right now.
To pick and choose what was wanted. What was needed.
Now I give love to this great person in my life and have it returned ten fold.

To be called Beautiful. That is the moment that it dawned on me, that this great person, really loves me for ME!
The thing that is needed the most will make itself known, even in the darkest cave, the light will still shine. Sometimes we complain and gripe, that things are just not going the way we thought they would. That life is simply too hard. That one should not try, because surely if we try, then someone will state to us to stop existing.
Does this sound familiar?
Do not think that I am not guilty of thinking this way.
I was almost going to give up completely, on finding someone to love, dating, and searching for that special person to spend the rest of my life with. Then one day, all the meditation, work, and spiritual practice, payed off. I found Brian Calvin.

It did not hit me that he was everything I was looking for. That everything I would joke about, state was on a list, and also qualities that I wished for in secret, he contained. Everything!

I always ask him, "why did it take 35 years to find him?". He gets very silent, looks at me, and states, "Because I had work through all my shit, to be ready for you now."

I understand now, that sometimes unexpected visitors have to enter into your life, in order for you to gather information, to make a clear decision about what you want out of life.
The hidden energy card is The Sun. This tells me that the unexpected visitor will contain great news. Possible raise? Unexpected Money? Delicious Delights?

What we need is to be recognized, not by others, but our self. The being that sits within every person, yearns to respond to the Sun shinning down on them. To sit and understand just how big we are within this Universe. We are no longer related to Ants walking around, but the speckles of light that sparkle on the dance floor, the shimmer in the sand, and the glimmer of light on the water's surface. Without this the beauty of nature and awe would not exist, photographs would be bland, and inspiration would be minimal. 
Do not get me wrong, there would be dreamers who would be able to create without seeing, but very little, for inspiration, for many, needs to be seen within our reality. 

I need to sometimes see the card in my everyday life, before I can write about the symbolism and nature of the energy. 

The real surprise is when the last few minutes are ticking down on the clock, and you have very little hope, that the creation of a positive response will take effect. This is the unexpected visitor. They are not unwanted, unless you are not satisfied with what is being given, and in turn that would be your Ego speaking. They should be welcomed, for they may have in hand, what is needed to complete the task. To complete your journey. To create the inspiration that you were waiting for. 

Blessed Be. 

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