Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.6.13: Wide Open

Saturday 4.6.13

The destruction of our life can be very big or very small. So small that it seems like a whisper. It can exist within a wide open field. The card of the day is "Wide Open" and it speaks about our ability to walk a smooth path. Some state that the path must be narrow and filled with danger, but there are those who state , that we are constantly living within chaos, and that we must learn to walk in the light, in order to walk an open road.

In scary movies it is always the open road that the victim is faced with, towards the end of the movie, and after seeking for help, they only find the killer.
Even if home is a block away, we can still be tempted to leave our course of action. To stray from home. To leave peace.

There are moments where I reflect on what I have done in my life. The secrets I keep. The moments of joy and peace. Of inspiration that is so great, it bleeds into the next moment, with great creation.

The hidden energy card is the Tower. Destruction of that which we know and understand. It happens every so often and the cycle of movement takes flight. We fall. The vessel is broken. We mourn for the past. We look to the future and keep going. Even death must be reborn. The destruction is the catalyst to the great change.

The thought one should keep on their mind today, is one of destruction. What will be taken? Who will leave? What will be created?

Even sex is a form of destruction. A tiny piece of your soul is used up in the process of enjoyment. We seek to be loved. When it is not met, then we keep searching for that desire. Where have you been looking?

In the end, the process of destruction leads us to find a new truth. There are those who will state that nothing is changing in their life. That it is the same old day, same old year, same old moment, but they are choosing to be blind. Be of the light and recognize your good.

It is there! Right now! Right here! It is you! It is love...

Blessed Be.

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