Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.5.13: Details, Details

Friday 4.5.13:

There are times when I find myself in a state of depression. In a state of change. The soul is never calm, but we do have the ability to calm our Ego mind.

As I write this, I am listening to Beyonce and the song titled "I was here".

A finger print.

It contains our personal signature. It is unique in every way possible and it states that a person exists. To exist.

The mood is set. The wish to exist. To experience the unknown. The hidden energy card is the Devil. The sister card is Flying. The card sits in the position of Lizard.

I turn to my spirit guide to bring clarity.

This card symbolizes the attention we give to things within our environment. The detail of life.
If a person was asking about their path, then this card would advise them that you must pay attention to the clues within your dreams. What are they stating to you?
Who is in the dream?
What is happening?

If you can not remember your dream, then  you must be able to remember the emotion attached to it. What emotion was going through your mind when you woke up this morning?

The signs may be small. The signs may be big. They will blink and shine or they will hide within the shadow of others thoughts and opinions.
Truth is always present.
This is the detail you must pay attention to. The detail of Truth. The detail of Love.

What would your painting look like, if you could color it with so much detail. Would people understand your art?

Sometimes it is only made for one person to understand. For one person to look at it and think "This is the most beautiful painting in the world".

There are some artist's who sit and just start with one paint brush, one note, one stitch, and in turn their inspiration to create takes over. They work like a mad man, with no rest, or judgement. They create with their ability to dream, while wide awake.

With ambition, it takes form and shape, and one detailed stroke, leads into the next.
I think it is time to look at life this way. To dream while wide awake.
Seems easy, but we get pulled back to the ground, to reality, and in turn we fall without grace.

To be free. To fly, in dreams, it represents your wanting to be free. To do what you desire. So fly with the grace you were born with.

Blessed Be

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