Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.10.13: Pain and Heartache

Wednesday 4.10.13:

The card of the day is Three of Swords. This symbolizes our journey through pain and heartache, the reason why we hurt, and why bad things must take place. 

I am learning, when I was younger, that decisions are made with no thought or action. I simply act out with my first response and proceed in the opposite direction. I use to move against the flow of energy and when things would get rough, I would tend to leave. 

I did not know that I had the power to change the outcome. To change the environment that I am in. To reflect positive energy on the situation and in turn find solution. Even if that solution is to leave from one state of thought and existence to another. 

I think that there are times when I need to think and shut my mouth, because my words are simply excuses and tantrums. Then there are times when I am silent and in turn analyze the thoughts that are swimming around in my head. They are validated and in turn either dismissed or carried forward. 

Remember that the Star has set the stage for the week. It is about being cleansed. Washing away the old grime and grit on your spirit and moving forward with clarity. Sometimes we must speak out, so that we can hear our voice, calling us home. Calling us to center. 

Pain and heartache are in your life because it is all part of the change that happens to every one of us. We deal with this change and where those give up on what is taking place, others prevail by accepting that change and manifesting the good. Manifesting Truth. 

When I first started to read Tarot Cards, I use to look at this card and always think that it was about love and how there was a break up in a person's life. Now I understand that this Minor Arcana card speaks to me about the struggle I/we must face, when going through a major change in life.

Grief is part of our history. One must understand and accept death, worry, fear, doubt, and move forward with a positive thought. 

Some state that the change is too hard. That the change is so overbearing, there seems like no end to the dark tunnel. 

How do I respond to this?

Simple. The tunnel is only as dark as you make it. The tunnel is only as long as you imagine. Grief can last a day. Heartache can last a month. Pain can last for years. Eventually it will decrease in size and shape. Eventually, you move forward with your life. You find the good in everything, once again. You experience the connection to Source. 

I return to what I know, that everything does happen for a reason, and that reason is good. If we create action, then good will only come out of the positive action you have created. If you created negative action, then only negative action will be created. Then again you could create negative action and in turn find the positive from it. For it is a wonderful thing to find out that it happened for a positive reason. Mistakes are there to teach me, that I am still human, and that I have a lot of learning ahead of me. 

I think I like the fact that I think, think, think, and think some more, about things that happen in my life. When problems arise, I do not want to speak with the words of frustration, but with words of clarity. I only want to find the Truth. I only want to understand. Doesn't everyone else wish to do the same? To be understood? To be acknowledged? 

Blessed Be. 

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