Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.9.13: Generosity

Tuesday 4.9.13: 

The card that sits in the position of Butterfly/transformation is the Six of Coins. What is the energy of today?

The Six of Coins speaks about Generosity. Giving that which we have abundance of, in order for the same form of generosity to be given back to us. What are you cultivating?

I always see the energy flowing outward, in a circular motion, that expands to those around us, then moves back in the same swift motion. 
Some state that it returns at a slow rate, but really it is moving at the same speed as when it was released. 

Good brings in more good. Negative brings in more negative. Stress brings in more stress. Movement brings about more movement. The thought of love, will bring in more love. Seeking attention, only leads to more of seeking attention. 
I think you understand what I am speaking of. 

"Love, love, love, love, love, till there is no enemy". Larisa Stow sings it the best. This does not mean that there will be no more enemies in your life, but with the outlook of love, there will be no conflict. There will be no struggle. You will move forward in your adventure and they will stay stuck in their circle of destruction. 

The hidden energy card is the Sun. Prosperity. Today will contain the abundance of joy and hope. Love and peace. Remember to share this with others. Share it with those around you. It may seem difficult, when there are those who wish harm on you, or who only seek revenge, but if you set "the stage" (look back at Monday's post) then all things will work out in your favor. 

The mode of transportation for the state of transformation is simple. You must rise above everything else. Glide on the wind currents of the Universe.

You must keep in mind that the path to getting to your good, is not always the same. You must not try to have the same experience, in the same manner, as before. We are constantly evolving and moving forward, that we can not repeat the experience twice and have the same reaction. 

So, take every moment as a new experience. If you happen to find love, then bathe in every moment of it. If you happen to find peace, then enjoy the silence. The real trick to staying happy, peaceful, or in love, is to not repeat the same process with the hope that it will produce the same happiness. 

I know it can be hard to stay positive. To stay happy. To keep on moving forward, when there are those around you who do not check in. Who mentally check out with each day and produce their small amount of energy, to sustain their small amount of life. Remember, Light Bringers, that we produce energy at 250% each and every day, and when we see those around us only functioning at 50%, it can make us mad. Mad as hell that they get to experience this wonderful life, set on auto drive. I have felt this way. I am living it right now. The trick to letting go of that anger, is to keep on moving. 

I have to speak my mind on another subject at this very moment. I want to advise you to stick to your guns. Your prosperity can not be achieved if you keep giving up, keep taking the same old shit that is thrown at you each and every day. If you want change, make the change happen. Take the change by the horn and rear it left. Rear it right. 

Do not allow others to take control of your happiness. Do not allow others to influence your life. If they do not like it, then they can jump off a God Damn cliff. Take a big leap into nothingness. Why not? We do it every day. Let them take the chance. I take a chance every time I decide to check into my life and produce my light. 

I think that sometimes I second guess who I am, due to the nature of my anger and light. Am I doing the right thing? Frankly, if you feel as if something is not right, and it eats at you for a couple of weeks, then it is time to stand up and raise your hand. Ask a fucking question. Stand up and walk out. Only your life is affected. The world keeps turning, whether you decide to change your direction or not. The world keeps on producing, so do not worry about what will happen if you decide to find your happiness. 

Blessed Be. 

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