Friday, April 19, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.19.13: The Idealist

Friday 4.19.13:

The Queen of Swords sits in the position of Lizard/Dreams/Strength/Weakness. 
The hidden energy card is Judgement. 

I turn to my spirit guide for answers.

Me: Is this a person in my life?
Spirit Guide: No
Me: Is this an energy that will be around me?
SG: No
Me: Is this an energy that I must take on?
SG: Yes. You must live it. 

When I speak to my spirit guide, there will either be a novel of information, or she will give me one word answers. How do I interpret the one word answer? 
I simply understand that my Spirit Guide is giving me a definite answer and that to question it will only cause me to form doubt within the process of love and life. 

I am to move through out my day and create that which is good. Good beyond belief. To move forward with everything that my heart is set on. Write...
She advised me to write what is within my heart, not within my mind. To create that which is good. To create that which is mine. I long for the past to reach the present. For that which has been, to follow suite and find my home once more. To regroup. To live within the moment of what is taking place at this time. 
To write. 

To feel pain of that which has passed. We all go through it. We all find peace in the moment that love presents itself to us. We think this is it. I surely can die and I will be happy. What happens when the moment is over. We wish for more. More of the same feeling within that experience. 

To write. 

She advises me to be inspired by what she is stating to me. It is not about the card, but it is about tapping into the energy that is around me. To write about what is happening at this very moment. 

If you seek Truth, then be truth. Be like the Queen of Swords. Speak your mind. You must accept what will come from that Truth. Are you ready to accept the Truth of the situation? Even if it means that you are wrong?
That I am wrong?

She leaves me with one last thought, one last statement. 
"If you wish to change that which is around you, you must start with your thoughts". 

So many have spoken this truth in the past. 

I do want to warn you about the shadow side of the Queen of Swords. You may want to contain the power that she has, of clarity and truth, but you must pay attention to that power. Are you using it to hurt or heal? Are you really seeking the Truth or stating your opinion? 
You must be open to everything that is around you and accept that which is being presented. The moment you do this, the truth will present itself. The struggle will be no more. The tools you contain in your hand, whether it be paint, clay, Tarot Cards, Crystals, and such, will make sense and you will be inspired to create. To create that beautiful masterpiece called "You", called "Me". 

Blessed Be. 

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