Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.2.13: Flying

Tuesday 4.2.13:

Butterfly, Transformation, change, flying, and faith. 
Funny, how the Universe speaks to me through the symbols and signs on the cards. Funny, how I receive information that I sometimes do not understand, until later in life, but when it all makes sense, I am a true believer. 

I should always trust in the Universe. Why does it take a miracle to make me believe?

Who is stating to you that you can not fly?

This is the energy that is around us today. We dream to take flight, for the initial card of the week is about wishes and dreams, but we still choose to listen to our Ego about not being able to do so. 

To do what we wish to do. To make our spirit smile. 

To defy Gravity...yes, a "Wicked" reference.

Sometimes we are questioned on our ability to fly. To soar above everything else, as light as a feather, as light as a spirit. 

We are advised that it simply can not be done. 
I do not know about you, but when someone states this to me, I am willing to make a Fool out of myself, and try. 
To simply try. 
With no intent of making a mistake, but the intent to fly. 

As a human, we sometimes sabotage our own good. We create the hailstorm within our life, so that we have something to blame the bad on. 

What did Peter Pan state to the children, in order to help them to understand the method of taking flight?
He advised them to think of something fun and wonderful. Of things that make them smile. Of memories that created a state of happiness. 
Let us go a little further and try to understand the method. 
He was getting the children to be in a state of Love. Of pure Love. With no fear. With no doubt. 

Sometimes we have to think the same way. To dare, to dream, when others advise us that we need to stay firmly planted on the ground.

The sister card is Details, Details. We have seen this energy in the past. We must pay attention to that which we want. To the details of what it is, what it will look like, and what it may contain. The details are in the end result, not the process of how it will come to us. 
The real thought should not be behind the method of getting our feet off the ground, but the end result of flying high above the land we walk on now. Everything will make so much more sense, if you can get above the forest you are lost in. 
Source can only aid you on this process. Source will not do everything for you. We must be the vessel at which our manifestation is created through. We must be the reflection of the object desired. 

Now fly! Think of something wonderful and create. The problem or issue set before you is nothing more than the absence of light. Of truth. 

Fly high above it, and the problem, will not be a problem anymore. There will be a solution within the bigger picture. 

Blessed Be.    

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