Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.23.13: Wisdom

Tuesday 4.23.13:

The energy of the day will contain the gift of Wisdom. This card sits in the position of Butterfly/Transformation. The hidden energy card is The Devil. 

Our Ego is never far behind. Even Mystics have to deal with the shadow part of their self. Can it be   difficult? Of course. 
The Ego can be our friend or our enemy. 

Our judgement can be clouded by our shadow part. We make decisions based off of fear, rather than clarity. 
But transformation must take place with the request of Death, in order to move into the next phase of our life. 

A great number of things can be obtained, when we surrender all the fear, worry, and doubt to Source.

Wisdom can smack you across the face at times, in order to help you understand, that everything has a reason. Everything has a purpose. 

We start to create Tunnel Vision and in turn Wisdom must smack us across the head to break our concentration. The trick is to see the big picture. To see what is happening behind the scenes. To see the stage that Hope has set before you. 

Transformation begins within our heart. Within our soul. We transform from one state of existence to the next. Is the transformation peaceful and smooth? Not always. Sometimes that transformation can seem like a pain in the ass. It can seem more like a punishment for that which we have done wrong in the past. 

Our Ego holds us down. It is kind of the like the bully who would hold you down and twist your arm until you said "uncle". 
When did it stop? For some the bullying has never stopped. They carry it with them into their adult life and take on defense mechanisms or behaviors to cope with people around them who can show a characteristic of that same bully. 
It stops when you decide to state "enough is enough". It stops when you decide to raise your hand and ask "why". It stops when  you decide to take your energy back. This is all on a spiritual level. I am not advising that you must stand up for your right in the physical world...or am I? This method of standing up to your Ego can be applied to situation of a real life bully. You are giving them the power to have control over you. Be not afraid of the outcome. We are physically and emotionally hurt every day. What is the worst that could happen? That you could die? 
Remember that Death can happen at any time. Death can happen right now and what would we say then? Nothing. 

Standing up to that which scares you on your spiritual journey is no different from standing up to that which is on your physical journey. I think the biggest gift you could give to yourself at this moment is the statement "I am". 
"I exist". Even after the verbal abuse and emotional trauma. I exist! I am still here! I am still standing. Even after the physical pain and damage. I am still breathing! I am still living!

Remember Source would not put you in a path of danger. If anything Source will take you off that path and put you on a new one. It may not look as safe as the other path, but we have to have Faith that it is. 

Blessed Be. 

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