Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.24.13: Wish Granted

Wednesday 4.24.13:

There are times when we try, with all our might, to manifest something so spectacular, that we are sure it will be the answer we need. We focus so hard on that which is desired, and in turn, we create that very item. Now what?

Are we left feeling satisfied? Do we want more?

Sometimes I find myself complaining about something so small, when there is so much good to be thankful for. 

The card that I picked, for today, is the Nine of Cups. It sits in the position of Owl/Mystery/Secret. The hidden energy card is the Tower. 

Sometimes our secret desire, is to simply be happy, and there are times when we believe that by manifesting a certain item, we will find that happiness. 

Our belief system has to be shattered, in order to find that perfect piece of the puzzle, that will fit into the empty slot. The Tower is working behind the scenes, destroying everything in sight, so that we will be left with the basic fundamentals of happiness. Sometimes we have to lose everything, in order to find value in new items. Sometimes we have to have a hurricane rush through our home, so that we can learn to deal with chaos in our life, by starting at the beginning. By starting with step 1: cleaning up the mess. 

A lot of books, regarding the Tarot, advise that the Nine of Cups is a Wish card. 

What are we truly wishing for? What is desired? Actually, what is needed within our life at this time?

For some it may be patience. Others it could be acceptance. I know that in my life, I am needing to return to my spiritual practice of meditating and praying everyday. I miss it. I use to pray and meditate everyday after I worked out. Soon I became lazy and started to cut back, then I started to not work out all together, and when I began to gain weight, I would complain!

Oh Aaron, get your shit together...

I noticed that the Universe was calling me to take a few moments and return to what is known. With starting at the very beginning. A very good place to start...and in comes Julie Andrews. 

It is true though. You must start at the beginning. Sometimes we become blinded by our gold and jewels. Blinded by the shiny things we have accumulated in our life. The mystery, or secret, behind all of it, is to snap our self out of the daze we are in, and return to our spiritual practice. A Mystic's job is never done. We can enjoy the achievement all we want, but we still need to keep on walking our path of spiritual enlightenment. We still need to keep on living, loving, and healing. 

Do not get too use to the feeling of greatness and satisfaction, for eventually that wonderful lightening bolt will strike our tower down. We will fall to the ground and be advised to build a stronger and better tower, than the last. We will be strong ourselves. To survive a large enough fall, and only come out with a few scratches, shows us that we were built to last. 

Then again you could be like other people, who's tower is struck with the lightening, they are thrown to the ground, and in turn they complain about the small scratch on their arm, as if it was broken and bleeding. Making a mountain out of a mole hill. 
The choice is yours. 

Blessed Be.  

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