Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.4.13: Making a Choice

Thursday 4.4.13:

One is constantly faced with choices. Decisions. The choice of life, of death, and of existence. Did you know that the state of existence is different then the state of life. 

Existence is the choice to be. To become that which is good. To live within the reality of this illusion, and in turn produce light. 

To produce light. 

In the state of turmoil, we rush to be saved, to find shelter, to find the fault. 
There will always be a war. There will always be confusion. There will always be death. 
It is up to us and the choice to exist, that separates us from the dark, that produces shadow sparks. 

To shine light on that which causes us harm. To shine light on the world. Do you think that one person can have influence over the destruction of human kind?

It is the thought process of those around you that have influence. 
Fear of war. Fear of Death. Fear of what can happen. 

One should fear the thought of negativity. 

To give life. 

To create life. 

To create love. 

What is stronger?
The will to live, or the will to destroy?

In movies we always see a person on the brink of death and they fight to live, because there is a purpose of revenge behind living. As the character develops, he/she becomes filled with love and compassion, that the fight moves from dealing with death and destruction, to saving life and love. 

The fight was always with the inner self. The shadow part of the a person that wishes to cause pain. 

We all hurt. We all suffer. We all feel pain. 
The true test is the choice to get back up from the fall and keep on going. 

The choice is yours. 
Are you going to let others influence your life with negative thoughts and patterns? 
Or are you going to influence theirs with positive thought and action?

The hidden energy card is Temperance. A time of healing. A time of balance. Positive balance. Where, the High Priestess is an unseen balance of thing, Temperance is creativity and balance combined. To be spiritual and physical. The two must mix. Where the Hierophant deals with living within this reality with the knowledge of spirit, Temperance is Source living through us. Creativity of that which is good and divine. 

Making a Choice sits in the position of The Crow/Spirit. 

I have been finding that all cards resemble the position within the spread I have created. My spirit guide advised me of the this new spread and it has helped me to understand a situation, where the Celtric Cross spread has left me needing more information. Very interesting. 

Keep walking with the spiritual balance of prayer and work. We all can take a few minutes to meditate, pray, or think about life in a positive manner. Even if it is for a few seconds. To recognize that there is light. There is peace. There is love.

And to then release it into the Universe.  

Blessed Be. 

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