Monday, April 8, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.8.2013: The Star

Monday 4.8.13:

I arrived at work and noticed that I did not pick the cards for the week. I began to shuffle the Tarot cards within my bag, that I carry with me all the time, and picked seven cards. I usually work with the Map Oracle cards, so that I become familiar with them, but I decided to return to my roots. The beginning. 

Tarot cards. 

The Star can be an easy card to decipher, sometimes, and it only requires you to remember one word. That word is Hope. 

What does hope look like?

There is a song by Phillip Phillips called "Tell Me a Story". He talks about Hope. How it is viewed, in our reality, as a ray. A ray of light. 

The stars shine, in the universe, with great light. Shinning on everything that hides in the shadows of our reality. We listen for the spark of light to be ignited, to burn. 

This card is setting the stage. Hope. A cleansing . A clearing. 
We return to the river to be washed. To be baptized in Universal Light. 

What happens when a person is baptized?
Some state that all sins are washed away. That all things are put back into place. We walk a new road. 

Do you think others simply think it is a get-out-of-jail-free card? They are washed clean, and in turn, go back to what was causing them pain?

Hope is the tree that causes the shade to cool you. Hope is the sun that supplies us with vitamin D. Hope is the rope that gets us from one rock ledge to the other. Hope is the trail you set foot on. 

The stage, for the rest of the week, will be about the element you are using. 

The hidden energy card is The Moon. 
Shadow part. Psychic energy. A journey filled with temptation. To seek for that which is not needed. That which is not wanted. This can lead us to situations that we soon regret giving attention to. 

Blessed Be.

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