Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.1.13: The Idealist

Wednesday 5.1.13:

The card that was picked for the day is the Queen of Swords. The Aquarius. The Idealist. The hidden energy card is The Hanged Man. 

Do you ever have those mornings where you wake up in such a great mood, and find that one small thing, can turn your intent to create positive thoughts, into "I give the Fuck up!"?

Where everything you see in the world is bad. The schedule you have to meet, the help you give to others, the time you waste trying to keep up with the standards of loved ones. It seems like the day will never end. There are moments when you simply want to turn around, crawl into bed, and start the day over. 

I am guilty of blaming everyone else for what is happening in my life, even though I know, that I created the environment I am in. 

Then I look back at how I acted and think, "Dear Lord, I am grateful for those that love me during my time of spiritual road rage."

The Queen of Swords does not always have to be sharp tongued. The Truth does not always have to hurt. Her energy can be calming at times and also brutal. She can seem cold, but the change that is stirring inside, is also stirring outside. I must take on this energy. Speak about how I am feeling, what emotions are happening, and state to those around me "I am tired of your shit!"

Well, not in such a harsh manner, but with a better choice of words, I will advise them that enough is enough. 

I feel that it is time to take the reigns into my own hands and follow my instinct. 

I find that when I get into a relationship, I am more than willing to give up of my own self, in order to make the other person happy. What if the other person is not asking you to do this? What if they are content with your wild and crazy thought pattern? 

I get upset over little things in life..who cares? I eventually get over it. I know that there are moments when Mystics just have to break down and complain about all the crap that is around them, because spiritually they understand that it will all work out in the end. Boo for being conscious!
Just kidding. 

I always state to my clients that it is okay to complain. To get it all out in the open. To release that which is holding you back. The real lesson is to know when to stop complaining and make something happen. Understand that we have the power to change it. To rearrange and take out pieces of the puzzle that do not fit anymore. I also state to them, that if they are going to complain, they have two choices: to either stop complaining and do something about it, or shut the fuck up and sit down. 

You can complain all you want, but if you do not do something about it, such as change your train of thought or progress forward with the issue, then you have no right to be complaining at all. 

It is time to jump into the unknown, with the intent that things will work out for the very best. To follow your intuition and find exactly what you were looking for. It may not come in the package that you thought it would. It may not even look like what you desired, but one thing is for sure, it is a tool that is needed. Needed to break down the obstacle set before you. 

I need to start listening to my inner voice, rather than receive information, and then second guess it by asking for another person's thoughts on the subject. I can see the brick flying across the room, hitting me upside the head, and making me change my train of thought. 
Thank you Source. 

Confusion within others, does not have to be within you. They are looking for the answer to their own spiritual path. Light bringers have found it. Light bringers are living it. When we receive questions, it is not for us to find the solution, but to state the Truth. State the obvious. The fight, or disagreement, is only a disagreement if you choose to oppose the opinion. What if our task, as light bringers, is to find the familiar within the opinion? To find the love?

Blessed Be. 

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