Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.2.13: Pleasure

Thursday 5.2.13:

Do you know what comes to mind, when I think of the Nine of Coins? I think of the song "Favorite Things". The one that Julie Andrews sings in "The Sound of Music".

What are my favorite things that bring me pleasure?

The smell of fresh cut grass. The smell of rain in the air. Chocolate! Sweets! Cookies!
Being able to do a Tarot Reading for someone. The smell of a new/old book. Sunlight passing through the cracks of the blinds.

The card picked for today is about pleasure. Having more than enough to move forward with your dreams and goals, which can be deceiving at times. We sometimes think that this great state of being will never end. That change will never come knocking on our door.

As a Mystic, you learn to accept the change that has entered into your life. The change is not bad. As a matter of fact, the change is the best thing that could happen in your life, because you learn that it is always for the best. The real challenge is your intent during the process of change. Will you worry about what is to come? Not speak up about things that just do not seem right? Not raise your hand and state "Why"?

Or will you move with that change. Give the Universe positive intent of what will surely take place at the end. The result will be of good. 

The day will contain spiritual growth. A path will clear, one side of the road, that you are walking on. Hmmm? That was not there before. 

Source is giving you a path to new adventure. Are you going to take it? 
How can all of this relate to one card (the nine of coins)?

Many will relate this card to the Earth. Material matters. What we manifest into our reality. The object rather than the subject. 

I will relate this to our spirit, for the card sits within the position of Crow/Spirit. 

There are times when we think that we have all the spiritual fruit we need. We dismiss that which is truth and possibly could add to our "bag of tricks"(Felix the cat). 
We look at what is set before us and think "I never want to leave this wonderful state of good for if I do then I will be only faced with the state of bad". 

Do you always want to live in the state of fear that it will all be taken away? I do not. I know that the pleasure I have now, with the abundance of spiritual fruit, can always benefit from a little change. I know that if it was all taken away, then there surely will be something new to take its place...something better! 

Enjoy what you have at this moment, but do not carry it over to the next. There are many things in this life to enjoy, now pick which one you wish to experience. There is always more than enough. There is always greatness. There is always abundance. Sometimes the hidden path is not really hidden. It is simply covered by the blinders we place on the side of our eyes. Put your attention on the whole picture, rather than the a single spot. You will understand. You will know. 

Speak up! Raise your hand! Speak your Truth! It never hurts to put good out into the great whole for I know that only good can come from it. 

Blessed Be. 

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