Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.22.13: Base Chakra

Wednesday 5.22.13: 

The card of the day is Base Chakra. The hidden energy card is the Devil. 

It is time to make a decision. Will you be like everyone else and fit into a small box, or move forward with great intent and live within a limitless space? Did you know that the box is there because the mass has placed it there. When we live as a whole and make decisions based off of fear, then our life becomes fear. We see examples of danger and mishap throughout the day. It is time to break free.

The two cards above state to me that we are not of the norm. Beings of light learn to live within the confinements of reality, but also learn to travel beyond them. Do you find yourself wishing to be something else? To do something wonderful? 
To find fulfillment within a job that is not a job. Something that makes you smile. Smile with content. 

I want to be happy with what I do. I want to break free and be me. 

The mass will try to hold you down. They will try to manipulate and advise that if you leave, then surely you will die. 
All great leaders must learn to stand alone at times. To shake their fist and state "I am not going to take it anymore!"

What happens next?

I am going to do things a little different. I decided to record my initial thoughts regarding the cards. Here is what I came up with:

What do I apply the cards to? What do they mean to me? What could they mean?
With all of the things such as Ego and thinking as a group...

Carolyn Myss states that the base chakra is associated with the whole. 
This is where everything takes place as far as healing, as far as your primal need, having work and being afraid. 
I think that is what this is associated with, being afraid. 
Being afraid of what will happen if you were to step out of the whole and into your own self. 
Because once we reach up to our Solar Plexus, that is when we start to become our self, and pull away from the whole. 
Even with the Sacral Chakra we are pulling away as well. Knowing one self. Maybe it is not about thinking of the whole. Maybe it is about thinking only of our self and breaking free from that. What do we need in order to heal?
If I saw the two cards in a reading, it would state to me that someone is not owning up to who they are, someone is not willing to take the step forward, someone is not willing to state something. 
I think the whole week is having that happen. The week does say that something wonderful is going to take place. 
Am I seeing that now? I am seeing that take place? Yes, because answers are coming to me. I am able to change things as they are happening.  What would my advise be? To break free from the chains. Our ego self. To that which is stating I can not move. And especially associated with the Base Chakra, it means that we are wanting to break free, but the mass is stating not to. So, what is the lesson that needs to be learned today? Maybe we need to break free from the whole.
Maybe we need to listen to our inner self rather than what is around us.
I think this week is more about taking ownership of who we are and understand that we are worthy of good things. Great things. That we are worthy of speaking up and stating this is not right.
This is not fair.

I also notice that the week is about lies and deception coming out.
Truth happening.
You can either be ready for it, 
live in the light,
or not
and live in fear.
Fear of losing
Fear of "how can I stop this person from speaking the truth?"
But you can't.
People misunderstand this.
No matter how hard you try and bury the truth, it can not happen.
People think that they can hide it.
And they can hide it for a few moments, but that is it, they can not hide anything else after that. 

Blessed Be. 

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