Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.28.13: Defeat

Tuesday 5.28.13:

Have you been struggling with a decision? Struggling with what you believe in and taking a stand. Advising those around you that "Enough is Enough". Have you had to deal with the conflict that those around you create in their environment? 

The card of the day is the Five of Swords. The hidden energy card is the World. The meaning of the position it sits in is The Amethyst card from the Dream Angel Oracle. 
The Amethyst means Psychic abilities=behavior pattern. 

I am adding even more information to my spreads. I was advised to use the Oracle Cards to bring an understanding to the animal positions in the spread. 

It has helped a lot. 

Now, we struggle with the release of energy. The attachment of chords that we allow to be created when we start a new relationship. Feeling drained?

The cycle is ending. The cycle of giving away your energy to those around you, without your knowledge, is ending. You have stood your ground. You are going through the motion of change, bouncing up and down with every wave, and understanding that if you simply allow the current to move you, then there is no resistance. Standing your ground is not resistance if you are following your spirit's request to speak up. Your inner voice understands what is going on. 

I can see that the stage has been set for the week. Victory is in the horizon but we must first go through the change. We must experience the turbulence. Your spiritual plane must go through certain obstacles.  

We begin to create a behavior, whether positive or negative, when we are fearful of the unknown. It happens in cases of magic, as well. Talismans become part of the spell. 
"I have to have my crystal in order to do this spell, or it will not work". This is a behavior created by attaching a certain object to an end result. Kind of like foot ball players have lucky socks. Routines that must be done before hand, in order to have a great game. The talisman is only there to remind us of the power that we have. If it was lost, then it happened for a reason. We must understand that we have the ability to fly. We do not need the opinions of others to move forward. We do not have to ask "Mother May I?". 

It is time for us to fly. Defy Gravity. Float away with the positive current of energy that surrounds us. 
We must tend to our intuition. Speak up and know that you are within alignment of your Divine Plan. I am doing this, so that I understand what my boundaries are. I am eliminating all negative behaviors in my life. They only cause me to stop and be stagnant. I can do anything that I put my whole being into. 

Understand that the cycle of struggle is ending. You will begin a new phase at the end of the week but for now you must learn to ride the wave in. It may be hard at first, but once you let go and simply accept, then it will all work out in your favor. It will be a wonderful journey. Because you chose to listen to the Universe, then the result will be of joy. 

Blessed Be. 

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