Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.29.13: Grief

Wednesday 5.29.13:

I woke up thinking about my trip, from high school, to Mexico. I went there with the marching band. I made a lot of friends, close friends, and this morning I started to think about them. How we lose touch with old friends. 
I wonder why, after so many years, memories come popping up? Memories of happy times that took place once in a blue moon. 
I would like to think that they may need a few moments of my attention. The sending of extra energy to those I have known. To those who I laughed with. 

The card of the day is the Three of Swords. The hidden energy card is The Fool. 
A new beginning. What will it include? 
A new path?

The position it sits in is Vital Force = Information = Dream-time Soul Travel. 

When the action has taken place and the aftermath is present, then we must learn to grieve. have sorrow for that which has passed. We grieve over our current state of transformation. Our current state of Death. 

We pass from one veil to another. One plane of existence into another plane of existence. 

Do you cry, when old memories creep up into your soul?
Do you laugh?

Do you dream with all your might, in the brightest light of the day?

Today is about taking a moment to remember, grieve over the loss of that which is gone, and move forward. 

Yesterday spoke of letting go. Letting go of that which holds us down. Moving through our spiritual turbulence. 

I will associate the card of the day to the loss of a special memento. The favorite sweater that keeps you warm. The scarf that adds that special pizzazz to your wardrobe. The ring that holds so much of your energy. Your favorite crystal that you use, when working a marvelous spell of joy and beauty. 

Things can get lost within the shuffle of our busy day. Things disappear from our environment. They leave our plane of existence because it is time to move forward. We do not require it at this time. It is making room for something greater. Something even more wonderful. I know that our attachment is great. It pulls us and we feel lost at times with out that special object, but one thing is for sure, you are still alive. 
You can still fly. 

Time to travel with the tools you have in your pocket. The watch to keep time and place. The broom to guide and give direction. The pocket knife to cut through that which binds you. And last but not least, the canteen that holds the essence of life. It is all there. You travel light, for if you hold too much in your hands, then you can not guide and direct your item of transportation. Things must fall to the Earth, if you wish to fly higher. And believe me, I wish to fly above the clouds. 

Sometimes we must lose things, in order to find a new gift, a new tool, that will allow us to shine even brighter. 
I am not advising you to simply brush it off. You can grieve but you must also move with the cycle of change. Do not get stuck within the swamp of gloom and doom. Many people have traveled there and lost their way. Be strong and know that something wonderful will come from the loss of certain things. Something wonderful has already happened. You have decided to accept the change that is being given. Source knows what we need. Source knows what we require, in order to be and sustain, that wonderful state of light. 

Blessed Be. 

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