Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.30.13: Force

Thursday 5.30.13:

Creativity comes to us from all direction. We must learn to have fun within our work environment. With the power to move forward, we forget that we were once a child of imagination. We move through life with a sword that cuts and slices. 

The card of the day is the Ace of Swords. The hidden energy card is Temperance. 

Sometimes the battle wound is reopened. The scar appears and becomes inflamed. We thought the fight was over with a certain illness or dis-comfort and the same dis-ease returns, with an intent to cause pain. How is a person to move through this? 

Some state that by laughing and finding joy within your world, releases the blocked energy that has created the dis-ease. Some state that by returning home and tending to our spirit, we remember who we are...a fucking Rock Star!

A supreme being of light!
Part of the Whole! Part of Source!

Move through the pain. Understand it. One belief that is set by the group, must be unchained and transformed. 

If someone was to state that there is dis-ease in the world and if we are not cautious, then we will surely die, what would be your response? To agree with the primal group? The herd? 

A person of light must understand that there is no sickness that is too great. That we are perfect in every way. That we are wonderful beings of light. One must also accept that we are human. That we can only do so much to protect our self, and the rest must be left up to Source. We have set the mood. We have set the stage, now it is time to allow the characters and actions to take place. Death is part of the process. Death is part of the cycle. Healing is also part of the process. The cycle of grief is passing. We are starting to move into the cycle of healing. To feel compassion for that which causes us pain. To forgive. 

The chord that is attached to your energy, and sucking the life from you, must be cut. The Ace of Swords is your tool. What is not serving you? What is causing you pain? 

Laugh it off! Shake it off! Dance it into the ground!

Fill yourself with so much love and in turn reflect it back out on your environment. Sickness is just a state of mind. Sickness is part of the transformation. We can change that state of thought. We can change the pattern of life. Nothing is set in stone. 

Blessed Be. 

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