Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.9.13: Restriction

Thursday 5.9.13

The card of the day is Eight of Swords. The hidden energy card is Judgement.

Restriction is a spectacular art. We do it to our self everyday and at times, become perfect examples of non-movement. We state, "my hands are tied. I can not do it"

At that point in time we fail to see the truth. We fail to be the best that we can be. 

There are times when we require a trumpet to blow and state "wake up!"

We require the crashing sound of glass from the other room, to know that something is wrong. 

To know that we need to put our attention on something else. 
Maybe we require a distraction so that our sense of hearing can focus on the way out. The Eight of Swords, usually shows a woman bound and blind folded in a field of swords. There is an opening and she is in the path that will take her to a clearing of good, but she can not see it or feel it. 

There are times when I want to go further than what the card is stating. Today is such a day...

In my mind, I can hear a person calling out to her, with instructions, on where to step. Do you think that person is stating "you will be okay"?
Do you think they are giving her precise directions?
Do you think that the person is Source? 

Maybe the person is your inner voice. Maybe the person is your best friend. Oh, how I miss my best friend Shaun. He is great at giving directions.

I miss my support group being five minutes away. I miss my family being two minutes away. I miss the familiar sound of the ocean or the way a breeze felt on a warm day in California. Spiritually, this Mystic, feels alone on this path. Sure, I have my great and wonderful partner with me. I have met great new friends and experienced new places, but I miss my home. I miss the fact that "bugs in the house" meant an ant or a spider, not the crazy roach. I miss the weather and how it would make up its mind in the early morning, not half way through the day and then decide to change again an hour later. 

Maybe this is my sound of "shattering glass". Maybe I am waking up from my state of sleep, with the sound of a trumpet, and here is the reality that Source wishes me to apply my new tools to?

In the end the restriction is only temporary. This is no different than any other obstacle. I know that my inner voice is calling out precise instructions to me. I know that I will come out of the field of swords with not a scratch on me. 

The real lesson that one must learn, is that with every obstacle we face in life, Source is calling out to us with perfect instruction. It is our decision that will either make the journey easy or difficult. Just because you can not see nor feel what is in front of you, then you also doubt what is being spoken to you. The greatest gift we can give our self, is the gift of Faith in the unknown. Source requires us to listen. Listen for the answer that is being presented. Sometimes we have to have our hands tied and eyes blind folded, in order to stop our momentum of movement. In order to be able to listen to the answer, or signs of danger, before us. In order for us to recognize the great love and light that is being given to us, by Source. 

Blessed Be. 

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