Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.6.13: The Dominant Ego and Faith

Thursday 6.6.13:

When I usually write my entries, there are moments where I feel like I am writing each and every paper that goes into a fortune cookie. A little piece of hope given to each person after their experience with the meal that was prepared for them. Spiritual fruit for the soul. 

The Dominant Ego can get in our way. We see this Ego when the illusions of the journey are set before us. The road may be dark, but we soon learn, that the light is not to shine on the outside. The light is to shine within and reflected back on our environment. 

The card of the day is Sacrafice = The Hanged Man. The hidden energy card is the Moon. 
The card sits in the position of School = Lessons. 

What lesson are you learning right now? 

The lesson of humility? The lesson of joy? 

What part of the movie are you filming at this moment? A flashback? The struggle? 

Have you ever noticed that a lot of horror movies have the victim running in the woods? Or they are running through a field. Could this be related to the Moon card? Is the person, the victim is running from, really their Shadow Self? 

Having a psychic ability can be a gift or a curse. Their are some light bringers that try to snuff the candle out. Then there are some light bringers who think that they are the best in the world. 

There is also the light bringer who knows that they are part of the whole. They can change that which is around them. They travel a road of psychic energy and produce, from the soil, spiritual fruit for others to take in and investigate. To analyze. To apply to their own spirit. 
Some will taste the fruit and spit it out with disgust. Others will want more. Some will not even take the time to eat the fruit, for fear can make a person believe that if they do, then they will get sick. 

The mind can be a prison cell at times. What we think, can create a box that we must live in. Who wants to live in a box?

Faith is part of love. To love that which hurts us, will change the nature of the energy. To kiss that which is ugly, will eventually make it beautiful. 

I could relate this to a crystal. Some people only want the purest crystal. No marks or blemishes. No scratch in sight. They think that if it has no blemish or scratch, then the power will surely be great. 

Then there are those who see the true potential of a crystal, blemish and all. They understand that it is just a prop. A prop that will propel them even further than before. The crystal may be scratched, blemished, and half near broken in two, but the crystal worker loves it with no conditions applied. Source has given them this wonderful gift to work with. It may not look like much, but it provides one hell of a punch. 

Sometimes we have to accept what is being given. What is blemished on our journey? We have to apply the half used tool with the task at hand. We have to appreciate the hand me down. Our Ego self will state to us "That will not work. Why waste your time? Give up and wait for a better tool."

What if this is all you have to work with. There are people who have made miracles happen with much less. Do not give up. Keep evolving. Keep using your ability to the best of your nature. Keep loving. 

Sometimes it only takes one act of love to save the world from certain Death. What if the scales were off balance, and it was your act of kindness, that tipped them back into balance?
Think about it. 

Blessed Be. 

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