Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.5.13: Movement and Balance

Wednesday 6.5.13: 

The card of the day is the Two of Coins. The hidden energy card is the Star. 
The card sits in the position of Astral Travel = vital force, information, dream time. 

What do you do when others look to you for light? 

It can be difficult when others turn to you for a spiritual answer. They can be upset that things work out in a negative way. They can be combative and irritated with a positive answer. How do you try and lift them up, so that they do not hit rock bottom. Sometimes they are looking for a negative answer so that they can justify a negative reaction. When you are being supportive, they may be resistant at first, but you are only looking out for their best interest. 

Balance comes in many forms. I am going to relate the Two of Coins to death and life. Everyday someone dies. Everyday someone is born. The scales tip from one to the other. Since the coins are related to Earth, I can relate it to our body. The body is made up of many organisms and cells that are the manifestation of spirit. The vessel made of clay is just like the vessel made of flesh. 

Transformation is related to spirit. It is our goal that must be manifested in to our environment. 
How can we move forward? How much more of a cleaning do we need within our life? 

Sometimes the spirit must leave the vessel, in order to advance into the next level of existence. Sometimes death of one body must take place, in order for the spirit to return to Source. To return to the great Universe. 

I always look at Death as transformation. When someone asks me why does Death happen, I immediately turn in the character Wednesday from the Adams Family, and respond with "We were dying since the day we were born. It is part of the cycle and must take place in order for the lesson to be learned."
Sometimes they are receptive to the answer and other times they are not. 

I do not want to sympathize with them too much, because they will be hearing it a lot during the coming weeks. I do follow it up with another statement "Grief is part of life and we all must go through it. It is okay to cry, to feel pain, to be upset. The biggest lesson, you must learn, is to know when to move forward". 

The grieving part is just the process of transformation. Some may wish to hold onto it, but in their heart of hearts, they know that the spirit will move forward without the vessel. The spirit will nudge them in the right direction. If the vessel wishes not to move forward, then the spirit will kick them in the butt, and push them to Live. 

Grief is only a fraction of this lifetime. Seconds within our day. Let us remember that the person who has passed, has a spirit, that is moving toward the great river of love. Moving toward their own existence. We should do the same. Celebrate the life they lived, not the fact that they are not of this plane of existence. 

Today is a day of value, of worth. The scale must be tipped. Tipped towards the abundance of life. Of love. Good morning! It is time to check the fuck in to your life....and live!

Blessed Be.  

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