Friday, July 26, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.26.13: Friends

Friday 7.26.13: 

The card of the day is Triumph = The Chariot. The hidden energy card is The World. The card sits in the position of Blue = communication and inner truth. 

They are the delight within our day. They require us to grow. They propel us in a direction that is sometimes unseen. We yearn for true friendship and at times it is a friendship with our own inner self that develops. 
Blessed be. 

We are a force of pure delight that moves with great intent. We move to the sound of the heartbeat of the Universe. 

I always refer to Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it comes to friends. She thought that she was alone on her journey. In the end she found out that her friends were the greatest gift in the world. Without Willow'a magic or Zander's insight, the fight would have been over and the world would have surely ended. 

Remember that the people around us are a reflection of who we are. Are your friends magnificent or Debbie Downers?

Once you understand that they are there to support us, then the journey is only half as bad. As a matter of fact I have found that, with friends, the journey means so much more. 

This post may be late. It may only reach a few but it will reach the perfect person. That person is You...

Blessed Be.

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