Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.27.13: Create the Good in Your Life

Saturday 7.27.13:

The card of the day is the Two of Wands. The hidden energy card is The Fool. The card sits in the position of Autumn = abundance, preparation, and Harvest. 

There are moments when we look out of our window and dream. We dream about the wants and needs of our current life. We dream about what can and will take place.

I had a dream last night that involved so much spiritual information and a person named Kaligula. Everyone was waiting for this person within the caverns of a mountain. The dirt was orange. People wore red shorts and some were even naked. 

This person did not arrive. 

I was then taken to a place where I was a spiritual teacher. I was advising my students about the thoughts we contain within our mind.
I advised them that they should always carry a pencil, a pen, and a hair band with them. I then started to use the hairband as an item to teach them about our thoughts. 

I held the hairband between my thumb and pointer finger of each hand. I moved it in a side to side motion. I advised my students that there are two types of energy. The high level energy that are positive thoughts and the low level energy that are negative thoughts. When we think of positive things the hairband will start to attract like energy and it will bring about other positive items within their life. When we think negative then the hairband will move downward and attract negative energy and circumstances. Then there are times when we are moving between the high and low of energy planes and will attract things out of default. This is what Esther and Jerry Hicks call "creating by default". 

What do you want to create? 
If you are wanting good and positive things within your life, then think of other good and positive things. Advise Source that they are within your environment. If you wish to be successful then start with your self worth. 

Sometimes we wonder what will be next. There are times when we just want anything to happen. We do not care as long as it is something that will get us to our next destination. 
We must put intent behind that thought. 
What do you really want?
If you sell yourself short then you will always be creating by default. 
It is time to look at your canvas and paint! 
I want a tree here! So, paint it!
I want flowers in the garden. Do it!

There is nothing that is stopping you. 
It is time to let the energy flow and create with great intent. It is time to recognize the good in your life. It is time to take that step in a positive direction. 

Blessed Be. 

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