Monday, July 15, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.15.13:

Monday 7.15.13: 

The card of the day is Three of Coins. The hidden energy card is The Sun. The card sits in the position of Purple = third eye chakra, clairvoyance. 

The last stretch of road sits in front of us as we head to California. It was a wonderful adventure in Texas but it is time to use my wonderful gifts in a familiar place. To share my knowledge. To create my niche. 

Celebration can be short lived in the world of reality. We stand close to the edge of life and flow from one plane of existence to the next. 

One victory leads into the next phase of battle. We struggle with our moral compass and just how far we can push the boundaries.
What if I told you that the war is also short lived? 

The struggle to always be right or proven wrong can leave us empty handed. The only thing that really matters is your happiness. Others who love you recognize that you are worthy. The rest can go pound sand. 

To be recognized. I have returned home a hanged man. I am different. I have new tools to master. I know my self worth. No one can measure it. It is unbound. You are the same. Maybe it is time to recognize your true potential? The potential to open any door that you wish. They all will lead you to greatness.

Blessed Be.

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