Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.31.13: Sometimes You Have to Give A Lot to Get A Little.

Wednesday 7.31.13:

The card of the day is Sacrifice = The Hanged Man. The hidden energy card is the Star. The card sits in the position of Amethyst = psychic ability and behavior patterns. 

Let us change our thought process. Let us think of a positive nature. I am not stating that there is no room for negative thoughts. We must be in balance. There will always be a negative thought that enters into our mind. There will always be a person who speaks of negative things. It is part of life. 
The real lesson is to accept that person with open arms. Accept the information that is being given, and in turn, allow it to drift past you. You must stay focused. If you want change to happen within your own environment, then you must be willing to flow with the energy, and move past a lot of the hog wash and nay speakers. 

You must accept their initial thought and opinion and understand that it is simply their way of thinking. There may be truth in their words. There may be lies. The choice is yours. Are you willing to stop your very existence because they say you should. Are you willing to snuff out your light because they state that you are wrong. No. 
They are still living. They are still breathing. It is your right to do the same. 

You must stick to your spiritual beliefs. You must trust in Source. 
That is the real trick. Trust in the very essence that is love and truth. Source is always around us. Source is always within us. Those that feel this is not truth can keep on living. Keep on moving. Or not. 

Remember what your goal is. Remember who you are. Think about what you are working towards. Change your mind and change your life. 

I think that things happen for a reason and that reason is always good. Chaos is required within our life to bring about the change that is needed. It can be scary. It can seem like a monster, but we require this change to reveal the good. It is always present. The road may not look like what you had planned it to be. It may not even be as smooth. Heck, you may have to create the path. One thing is for sure. You will come out victorious. We always do. We are still alive and breathing. Our existence is the gift. We are not dead. We have not given up. Like I have mentioned before; sometimes you have to give a lot in order to get a little. 
That tiny something will pack a powerful punch. Remember that you decided to try. To give it a shot. To create a path, when there was no path to begin with. 

Blessed Be. 

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