Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.4.13: It is Time to Step into the Good of Life

Thursday 7.4.13: 

As I have been away from my family, I started to really stress about their mortality, and how far away I am from them. What would happen if a certain accident took place and I was not able to get home. Do you sometimes think this way?

The worst is sure to take place if you pay attention to it.

I always have to kick my Ego in the butt, when it visits my mind, with these sort of thoughts.

The card of the day is the Four of Cups. The hidden energy card is the Star. The card sits in the position of Silver = Goddess and insight. 

There are times within a Mystic's life that so much is being offered, they can not see the true answer in front of them. 
It may look gray in color. It may look like a small present. The cup may seem small. Too small to hold anything of great size and proportion, but it is just enough. 

We must keep our eye on the dream that we have set before us. The dream to be wonderful. That is all that really matters. The dream to shine. The dream to exist. 

There are times that we forget this goal, while we walk on our path of greatness. We take wrong turns, detours, and get stuck in the mud. 
Do you feel stuck in the mud?

What if the answer to all your worries and fear, was simply to exist, and move with the heartbeat of the Universe? 

What do you think the heartbeat of the Universe sounds like?

Does it sound like a normal human heartbeat?
Does it sound like the crashing of waves against the shore?
Does it sound like the song of a bird?

Maybe it is simply silence. Peace and quiet. 

No matter what, it is filled with love. 
In turn your answer is also filled with love. 

The question can be asked in different ways and phrases but you must understand that the answer can only come from love. 
What is your next step?
You must move forward with great love and intent. 

Do not lose sight of what you wish to be. Of who you wish to become. 

When I was working at my last job, I would come home stressed, and in turn would state to my loved one "I am not happy!"
Do you think Source was telling me to sit and wait? To see what good things could transpire?
Source was telling me to get up and do something. To find that spiritual balance. I stayed with the intent to learn from my experience. I found a dream within the stress and worry. I learned that I really wanted to take my skill as a Tarot reader to the next level. I wanted to learn a new technique of healing. I wanted to learn how to work with crystals. 

I moved forward and Source has brought many great people into my life, here in Austin. I decided to leave my job and move forward. I tried. I experienced. I am now wiser. I know that things will work out in my favor, for they always do. I know that the job can not make nor break me. It is simply a job. I also had to understand that everything in my life is guiding me on my spiritual path. What may seem like an opportunity to make money and be successful, turns out to be another spiritual lesson. The Mystic is always learning. 

I decided to go with the flow of energy, and against the flow of illusion, in order to create happiness. I am now happy. I am a little worried but I have to keep my eye on my dream. 
I exist with or without the items in my life. I exist with or without money. I exist with or without the financial stability of a common job. There are so many opportunities out there and about half of the people on this earth are taking advantage of the good within their life. 

I think it is time to step into my good. Are you ready to step into yours?

Blessed Be. 

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