Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.31.13: Be Brave and Dance

Saturday 8.31.13:

The card of the day is the Five of Cups. The hidden energy card is The Moon. The card sits in the position of Nettle = boundaries and caution.

Emotional loss can slip through the cracks.You will tend to look at what is lost rather than what was gained.

It is amazing what can inspire me to write. To simply put words down on mean screen. Whichever!

As I was hooping for exercise, listening to Sarah Bareilles' new song "Brave", I was struck with great emotion. The need to dance. The desire to love my inner child. 
I watched the video and was even more inspired. 

Have you seen it?

For all you Tarot Readers. Try to find the cards within the words she has written. 

The Fool...

I love it!

The energy of the day speaks about the acknowledgment of your ability to be Brave. To dance in an open area and have others watch you. 
Who cares?!

As a Mystic, sometimes we have to be brave, and dance when there is no music. You are dancing with no music every time you decide to venture out on your own. To recognize your good. 

The Moon card speaks of psychic energy but also the start of evolution. Do you think it took a few seconds for a species to evolve into something grand? Nope. 
It can take a life time. Of course I am not going to get into a debate on whether there are some life forms who do evolve in seconds and then die because it may have been a misfit. Not able to survive. 

I would rather focus on your ability to change. To evolve. To do something wonderful and create. To leave that which is holding you back and move forward into your light. 

Try to hide from it. Try to out think it. To out wit it. You will eventually lose. Happiness is all around. Joy is there. It may be within the two cups that are left behind. It may be within the castle that stands before you. You must not cry for that which is lost. 

Even if it means travelling forward with no companion. Sometimes you have to speak what is on your mind. Sometimes you have to take the first step on your own. No hand holding allowed. 
It may seem this way. 
Source is always holding your hand. You may not notice it. You may feel alone at times. Believe me the journey can put blinders on your eyes. You sometimes only see what is in front of you. 

It is time to focus on your goal. The goal of being happy. Happy with your choice. Happy with the state of your existence. Satisfied with the dance you have choreographed. 

Blessed Be. 

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