Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 9.3.13: Intuition Sits Inside the Heartbeat of the Universe

Tuesday 9.3.13:

The card of the day is Intuition = The High Priestess. The hidden energy card is The Moon. The card sits in the position of Blue = communication and inner truth.

The High Priestess beckons us to accept the change and manifestation that is happening behind the curtain. To know that everything is happening for a reason. 

My intention is to listen to the heartbeat of the Universe. This, to me, is intuition. The heartbeat of the Universe may sound like a single drumbeat but there is more involved. If you listen close enough the beat contains much more sounds to it than you think. Between the beats, there are breaths of exhale that fill the space of silence. It is the breath of life. The essence of existence. 
This is where intuition sits. 

To listen to all of it. To find the answer. To know what comes next. 

Something wonderful is taking place behind the curtain. The hammer is swinging. The nail is being struck. The wood is being dropped. The construction worker is yelling out to his co-worker. 

Something wonderful is happening. Can you feel it?

Speak about it. Talk to your friends about this something wonderful. Explain to them that you feel it. 
You know that there can only be good. Only be love. 

The journey is advising us to grow. To evolve. 

Talk about how you have overcome so many obstacles. How Source has provided you with so many talents and you are going to use all of them. This next big adventure will be grand and beautiful. 

Speak of good. It is time to manifest it into your reality. 

The key element of speaking about what you desire. To send out the essence of that which you want into the Universe. I was missing this aspect. I needed it to be written down. To be spoken of. The crystal grid I am working with is now super charged. My intent has form and shape. I was lacking this. 

It is time to listen to the gentle breeze. It is time to listen to the butterfly that lands on your car door while stopped at a red light. It is time to listen to Brian's grandfather "Takelly". He just happen to visit me the other night. Scared me half to death because he was sitting on the couch, hiding in the pile of stuffed animals, and he decided to say "Boo". 
I was a little afraid but then I laughed and told him "I am not in the mood right now". 
Brian's grandfather is known to play pranks. This is his way of telling you that he is present and that something wonderful is going to happen. 

Funny that this memory is being thought of right now. He was advising me to move forward. That the spirits are around me, guiding me, telling me that sometimes there is fear in our heart. We have to keep moving. Know that it is part of the journey. It is part of the Universe. 

Are you good enough?

Of course you are! Keep telling your self this. Feel it in your bones. Feel it in your soul. It is there. Your own self worth is recognized. 

Blessed Be. 

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