Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 9.4.13: It is Time to Break Down the Wall That is Before You.

Wednesday 9.4.13:

The card of the day is Temptation = The Devil. The hidden energy card is The Sun. The card sits in the position of Obsidian = grounding, shielding, and void.

You can get stuck within your own self pity.

"Oh how things are simply not working out in your favor. It is so bad. My life is not going where I thought it would be going. I am not worthy. I am not enough. I can not do it."

Have you heard this dialogue? Do you speak of this?

I find my inner mind trying to feed my spirit this sort of junk.

Temptation is all around you. The temptation to recognize your unworthiness. The temptation to see only bad. To know only evil. To eat everything in sight because you are feeling down and out.
To feel depressed. To feel sad.

When I think of Temptation, it reminds me of my days of going out to the clubs and having fun, and the hang over the next day. The temptation to not care about what will take place later. The temptation to just give up and let go.
Let go of what?
Your self worth?

I went for a walk and decided that the spirits and the cards are speaking of our self worth. The Devil card can advise us that we are not worthy.

Did you know that you are worthy of everything within your state of existence?
This inner truth and knowledge is like the smile on your face when you notice the beauty of the flowers or when the wind blows and you can feel Source within its presence. The presence of pure existence.

What false addictions are you believing? What are you giving power to?

"Oh but they advised me that I am not worthy. That I can not go anywhere else due to the economy. That change is not possible. I can not leave my job or else I will lose my house. I am not worthy because I am not working at this very moment. I am not worthy of my good because I am not being productive."

Who is stating this to you?

"Well, no one is stating this to me Aaron. I just know they are thinking this."

Want to know a secret?

Most likely at that very moment that you are thinking this about the people around you, they are thinking this same thought as well. Only it is about them and how you may be viewing their self worth.

No one is really better than any one else. They may have more money than you. Others may contain more knowledge. Some may have extra items that create the picture of perfectness.
But they are no better than you.

Did you know that we are all the same. We are worthy of only good. We are worthy of what is needed.
With more items of responsibility comes more responsibility.
The Devil card will make sure you know of this. The Devil card can remind you that you are holding yourself back with the lack of self worth.

"I am stuck here because the chains are around my wrists."

The chains were placed there by you. The wall was built by you.
Don't you think it is time to break it down?

The Sun card is the hidden energy card of the day. Understand that the clouds may be covering it but the Sun still is shinning. Do not worry. Good is within your life. The answer is there. When you allow Source to lead you then greatness happens with every step. 

Blessed Be. 

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