Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/14/11

  The Seven of Wands. The energy of today will be about standing your ground and defending what you believe in. It is about being yourself within a crowd of people who do not know who they are. It is about example. The energy will be about the art of defending oneself. Creating your bubble of energy that will protect you from all harm on any level. Our path is taking us to a destination of understanding. If we understand then there is no need for offense and defense. When we understand we are accepting others for who they are and what they believe and in turn we are accepting ourselves. Please, accept yourself first. Love yourself first and protect yourself from your Ego. I advise my clients to tell their Ego's "Take a hike Ego". This allows them to understand that the thought they are thinking is coming from a place of doubt and fear. By telling their Ego to take a hike, they are turning their thought process towards a new light. Towards the truth of the matter and making decisions in a clear way.

  I allow the Abundance and Prosperity of Joy and Happiness to enter into my life.