Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 4/18/12

  The Nine of Wands.
Sometimes life can get very crazy. The Divine introducing change into my life can cause me to worry. What are my techniques that bring me back to that loving place of joy and happiness?
Well I always must remember that I am not my thoughts. Also that we are all worthy of love, peace, and happiness. I use my mantras to clear my head and take a closer look at the change that is happening. I ask myself "Are you afraid of what could happen? Are you afraid of being happy? Are you afraid of being healed?"
This pushes me into a different mind set, and it really stops me from "whining" about the situation. After I receive an answer from my higher self, I push forward and understand that change is wonderful. That change is always happening. It is just this one moment in time that I am infatuated with. I let go and know that I can do anything. That the Divine is leading me on a path of greatness. That there is no such thing as mistake or mishap. They do not exist with my thoughts for God is neither mistake nor mishap. Be kind to yourself.
One thing I would like to say, is that, There is always a supply of limitless energy around you and within you. You just have to recognize it. When you feel down and out. When you feel like you can do no more. Look within and recognize that energy flowing through you, and all around. Yes! I see it now. Please be patient with the new entries in the coming weeks. I am working very hard on them and it makes sense now. Woohoo!

Blessed Be.

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