Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 5242012.1

    Today is about the birthing, or the creation, of our dream into reality. My friend Beatrice is having a baby as I write this entry. This card really does talk about a birth, but it can also talk about the abundance of what we cultivate. 
   Remember to cultivate love and joy. Know that any situation can be wonderful and also never compromise the perfect self for the imperfect person. I will now talk about this day and what tomorrow will hold.
    The day brings about a time of moral change. We are birthing into our reality a new idea. That idea was brought about by the thoughts in our head. Today is when you make your move. This is when you find information that will benefit you in the long run. The Empress understands what love can do in any situation, so she pulls all her energy within her and creates. Unlike the Magician, who only understands what is outside of him, the Empress does not need tools to create. She is the Energy witch, and her power is from Source, filtered through her point of center.
    Tomorrow is about the cultivation of that energy. Understanding that we now contain this power, that the mind is greater than the illusion. Use this energy wisely. Move forward with great intent and you shall receive. I always say, "Ask and it shall be found, but you must know how to ask before any action is taken."
    Even a time of rest and relaxation can prove to be an action in the right direction. Take care of yourself, if your body wants to enjoy and rest, then lay in bed for a while. Do not think that you are being lazy. Sometimes our body advises us of what we need in order for that time of healing to take place. Everyday is a time of healing. You are constantly healing from the action of the Ego. The art of letting go is an act of healing. Take the time to meditate and pray. Pray on what you really want and move forward with that intent. Your thoughts are prayers.

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